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Leeland G. Artra

Senior Network Integrator
Nintendo of America
4820 150th Avenue NE
Redmond, WA 98052-2707

leeland06 [at] greydragon [dot] com

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Leeland G. Artra is a senior computing researcher and programmer currently working full time for Nintendo of America in Redmond Washington. He joined Nintendo in January of 2005. He earned his B.S. in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix. Leeland continues to do information systems research on database and automation systems. He has personally designed and implemented a number of new computer technologies. He is also personally responsible for a number of new biological research lines due to his unique outlook on databases and his ability to create entirely new interfaces and storage technologies. Leeland is currently in the process of designing an entirely new approach to databases which is based on a combination of Object Oriented database architectures, clustered trees and laboratory automation to automatically store, access, mine, and analyze information of any type.

Oct 22 2006
Found old negatives from as far back as 1983. Digitizing them and posting to web albums.
Oct 1 2006
The new baby boy is coming early. Offline while in hospital.
Update:Well our new son has arrived! Pictures are online.
Mar 18 2006
I am at Novell Brainshare for the next week and a half. Evelina is also with me in Salt Lake.
Feb 22 2006
We found out Evelina is pregnant! Expected due date is Oct 15th. (Boy was that a surprise. We are very excited about it non the less.)
Jan 22 2006
Evelina and I got married!
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