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Leeland G. Artra

Senior Network Integrator
Nintendo of America
4820 150th Avenue NE
Redmond, WA 98052-2707

leeland06 [at] greydragon [dot] com

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Courses and Presentations in Reverse Chronological Order

Date Title Download
April 8, 2004 What SAs Should Know, Part 2 of 6 - Politics Power Point Deck (239KB)
PDF (143KB)
January 8, 2004 What SAs Should Know, Part 1 of 6 - Documentation Power Point Deck (1109KB)
PDF (1911KB)
May 10, 2003 SysAdmins Anonymous, Moderated Discussion
by Scott McDermott (scottm at octaldream.com) & Leeland Artra (NWSailer at GreyDragon.com)
September 12, 2002 Make Your Time
May 9, 2002 Effectively Standing Out, How to Give a Great Presentation Power Point Deck (382KB)
ZIP w/materials (1520KB)
April 11, 2002 CEO of Diddly Squat Power Point Deck (121KB)
October 11, 2001 What SAs Should Know Part 5 of 6, Version Control & Synchronization, Tricks & Traps
the cvswrappers file is also available
Power Point Deck (166KB)
PDF (123KB)
July 12, 2001 What SAs Should Know, Part 2 of 6 - Politics Power Point Deck (178KB)
PDF (256KB)
June 14, 2001 What SAs Should Know, Part 1 of 6 - Documentation Power Point Deck (567KB)
PDF (168KB)
January 11, 2001 CVS and The SysAdmin
August 10, 2000 Secure Site Administration through thinking like a Hacker Power Point Deck (143KB)
PDF (83KB)
January 13, 2000 Version Control using CVS for System Administrators
November 11, 1999 Revision Management for Systems Administrators Online HTML Deck
March 11, 1999 Oracle Security for Systems Administrators PDF (222KB)
January 14, 1999 Secure Systems Administration Lecture 2 PDF (98KB)
July 9, 1998 Samba File Sharing PDF (69KB)
January 8, 1998 Java Programming for Systems Adminstrators
November 13, 1997 Attacking your site for security Online HTML Deck
July 10, 1997 The Guru is in, Hal Miller and Leeland Artra
April 10, 1997 Distributed Software Development with CVS
February 13, 1997 Secured Systems Administration Online HTML Deck
August 8, 1996 Data collection via WEB pages with CGI

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